Start time: 5:15 p.m.

Attendance - Karen, Domenico, Jeff

Duration: 1 hour

  1. Shopify - Jeff is impressed with it and the integrations and highly recommended
  2. Pricing comparisons - we will get that done by next meeting
  3. Insurance - FLIP insurance recommended by Jeff is what Farmer's Market sellers use. We will compare it with FLIP.
  4. Ask Gabe if we can get the County to come out and do the inspection
  5. Test Order - Domenico is ready to test out the space. Test order this weekend for next week.
  6. Warehouse Space - Jeff has washing stations and tents we can borrow. We should get additionally insured under Sun Produce.
  7. Ideas for Buyer's Club:
    1. USDA Value Added Distributor Grant
    2. Open the Warehouse for a couple hours when we do the Buyer's Club pickups so people can "shop"